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Coconut Bangkok Interview

For Mistress Charlyn from Cebu, being a dominatrix is a life choice….

While writing the “Night Prowl” column for Coconuts Bangkok, I’ve managed to meet some of the most deviant and dynamic characters in the underbelly of Thailand’s capital.

But there’s nobody that quite fits that bill like Mistress Charlyn, a professional dominatrix originally from the Philippines.

“I love blood, I’ve explored it sexually many times,” she says at one point in our conversation, so casually we could be talking about mani-pedis or the newest mall.

“For example, when a slave is bound and tied up, mouth gagged, and I prick his nipple and the blood slowly goes out like that,” she laughs. “Damn, maybe I am a sadist.”

The fetish model and self-professed “goddess and ruler” lives between her home province Cebu and Bangkok, where she goes at least twice a month for private dominatrix sessions and photo shoots.

I met up with the mistress on Skype as she was starting off her day in Philippines. Her current live-in slave (“Slutty Whore” as she affectionately calls him) had just finished making her lunch. Read more here….

Everything begins with the first step…

you are a lost creature. you have felt this way since you were a child. The desire to be before a powerful Superior Domina is something you have wanted since before you knew what it was. It began as a fetish you were attracted to a certain kind of woman. A strong, powerful confident woman. Over the years you have tried to understand what it means and where it comes from but you do not know why. you may feel the desire to spoil and please Her. you may feel this desire to dress up as Her servant and clean Her boots. you may feel this desire to wear those diapers and feel that motherly nanny that takes you back to being a babe. you may feel this desire to be fucked by Her strap-on like the slut you are and yet you may feel this desire to be entirely nude and helpless with Her heels ready to trample your worthless dick. There are many things you feel and some you’ll wonder why. you watch others through their posts and photos expressing these desires. you want to show it but you don’t know where to begin. you don’t know how things are done you don’t even believe it can be fulfilled. So many are lost and so many desire to serve more than anything in this lifetime. they wake up and feel it, they go to bed and silently sigh even if their loved one lies beside them. Some have none at all and it just makes them feel even more lost than they could possibly wish. The thing you need to understand is you will never know what it could be until you take that step. Everything in life begins with that first step that first choice to some it is trying to spice up their lives is what they crave. Others though are far deeper and they are longing for more than most could ever fathom. But it is embracing those feelings and following through on them that is the first step to releasing the desire. It does not matter what it is as long as you deny it you are just living in the shadows of it. And when you first try you may fail. The first one you see may not be what you expect. She maybe too harsh, she maybe too nice, she maybe not interested at all but you have to take the first step and reach out to embrace what it is you feel. The disappointment will come and you will feel that it is hopeless at times but the way to showing sincerity is to put your desire behind and focus on Hers. For you are a servant no matter if you are a fin-slave, a sissy, a slut, a maid, a slave naked at Her boot. you are putting yourself at Her command Her will Her desire. you must realize that everyday she receives messages of a slave wanting to serve but there is no reason to care if there is no effort shown. No sacrifice, no offerings, no tribute as a gift to the Domme. It is a risk trying to serve a Domme but if you are not willing to put yourself in completely you are just going to be frustrated. you must show your sincerity you must show how you want to put Her first. you won’t hand all control over just in one meeting it is only through time and experience and becoming more comfortable that you will desire to please even deeper. And there is no one fits all woman either for as much as many want to claim to be. you have to feel that connection, you have to feel that desire. It doesn’t matter if its just an online thing or real-time or both when you’re with Her you’re putting yourself at Her mercy. At Her control at Her command no matter what it is but at the same-time you have to want to please Her. So if you truly want to serve and be a servant then put aside your hesitations and take that step. If She has videos then purchase some, if She has a wish list then purchase a gift-card or buy a gift of affection, if you want to send a PayPal tribute then ask politely for it, show your sincerity. you wish to serve Her you wish to please Her but you have to show that sacrifice and effort. Put yourself at Her heels and put Her first. If She is real and sincere She will feel your submission and will take you deeper under Her control. But it is up to you My bitch you must show how badly you want it. Not everyone will find what they want but if you don’t take that first step then you will never know…..

Mistress Charlyn

The Process

The Process

I sat and smiled in back of limo while the taxi came up slowly behind. all the texts on My phone were all the same. Begging, wishing, hoping I would give him time of day. For weeks now he had pursued this with Me only in the end to run as I began to slowly destroy him. But he couldn’t hide he knew he couldn’t he had no other way he could see it. No other way he could exist he knew he had to follow it to the end there was nothing else in his life to even care. His wife had found out about what he was doing and I had heard the whole argument. I was smiling as he came kneeling back before Me and I lit My cig slowly. he told Me he couldn’t do it but I knew he would return. My bitches all know what they are what they hold and know that I am their only life in this hollow worthless world.

I could see the taxi now right behind and sat there still pressing that diamond engraved chic cigarette holder between My lips. As I exhaled I heard another text come through and I looked again. Another pathetic one who is begging to have his life taken hmm lovely but not right now. Right now this is only about one bitch the bitch who I am about to take to next phase. As the car stopped I could see the bitch slowly get out and I smiled once more. How lovely they all are so ready so willing but yet so afraid of what will come next. The door opened and I stepped out. My heels hit the ground with quiet force and I came out as I saw him sitting there still in the taxi behind. His head down his eyes not able to look at Me. So lovely the door closed behind and I pressed it once more between My lips and it opened. he came out very shy very defeated and yet he knew I was all he had in this pathetic life of an existence he led. he was very humble and right there he dropped as I stood there holding it between My glove. The smoke curled slowly toward him and he pressed his lips right to My heel immediately as I saw the eyes watching.
good bitch
thank you Goddess i’m sorry i didn’t obey before
you have much to prove slut but today is start of it
I hit it once more and he nodded so defeated
she left me beautiful Goddess just as You said she would
I exhaled and ashed it right on him shaking My head
you dare doubt your Goddess bitch? you dare think I don’t know what it is truly you live? what you feel and what you desire?
Goddess I’m so sorry everything You said was right i was wrong please….
Right there in broad daylight this pathetic creature kissed My silver heels as the eyes still would turn and I smiled so nonchalantly
you will learn bitch you will learn your place nothing is yours it is MINE
yes Goddess
today you start next phase and you show Me how badly you want it and you will never disgrace Me in that manner again
My lips exhaled and i felt his lips lightly touch on My toes exposed and he nodded
yes beautiful Goddess please forgive me
we will see now get up
he rose as I pressed it once more and I could see his eyes were hiding tears he wanted to show them but he couldn’t. Again the eyes watched and again I stood there unfazed My eyes behind those shades looking at him and he could barely meet Mine.
carry My purse bitch
I hand it to him and he takes it puts it on his shoulder and nods as I hold it and he stares
last chance slut either go to the next phase or crawl back to that slut and your worthless existence
yes Goddess
I had heard enough and without another word I started walking. the stairs were ahead and I smiled as once more eyes were on us. they were in awe and I saw those girls just wishing they had this kind of power. The security guard stared but tried to hide it as I came up those stairs. I was above them above him, above their ways, and above all of these women who watched this pathetic creature coming up behind. The guard grinned seeing him but when he saw My cold stare even in those shades he knew he had no authority here. I was power, power that all of these shits wished they were. My gloved fingers snapped and the bitch threw the doors open. I passed in and immediately all eyes turned right to Me. I smiled on and we continued forth and he knew it was now or never would he get this chance again…

Mistress Charlyn

Shiny rubber PVC long dress!!

A real stunner at more formal occasions, the Tequila Evening Gown features our Tequila-style low neckline and underwired cups with a surprisingly revealing long split skirt. Fastens with a short rear zip. This lovely dress I wore I think 2 times already in a shoot, this is so lovely and My sissy take good care of this everyday, I love it and I just worn it from a session but I know most of you are interested to buy this so I am selling it now for a cheap price of $89.99 so who wants to get it, must get it here in EBAY… Shiny rubber PVC long dress.

Ball Shocker

your lovely mouth that is always drooling and dripping like a dog… ohhh My lovely slave you are just My wonderful personal licker and your goal is to make Me cum as many as I want everyday.

Everyday when I am working out for My beautiful body in the gym, or shopping in the mall, I want you always ready for Me. When I say ready it means your already clean in your pussy ass through enema, I want shaved and smooth, smelling good with perfume and you are in collar, kneeling in My front, handing the leash to Me, mouth already filled with a dick gag or even better open wide tongue out ready for My dirty panty which I have been wearing the whole day, I want you waiting at the front door on your knees ready to lick my high heeled knee length boots and kiss My hot sweaty feet.

Without no complaints and no questions you are just waiting like a dog, My lovely dog locked up in chastity with a sound in your dick, plugged with nice fat butt plug deep in your ass, ball shocker on ready, the remote on the table ready for Me to use it anytime I want.

While you are kneeling waiting of Me, I am getting naked to go shower and the dirty panty will be always in your mouth for you to keep in some hours, My bra in your shoulder, My skirt in your other shoulder, and My shoe/boots in your face, so you will always smell Me and feel Me for hours…hmmm what a pathetic bitch!

you are there waiting on your knees until I get done, you put My dirty clothes in the basket for you to wash it later only using your hand, I want all of My lingerie and specially My satin and lace panty to be always taken care of, you grab the towel for Me and make Me dry, while I am giggling as I slowly turning it high the ball shocker remote control that I have in My hand, and I know your fucking hard that you in front Me naked.

you shiver your whimper legs, your balls are hurting and feeling the sensation of the lovely shock from the shocker, you like it but you hate it, it is pain for you and pleasure for me. I like it when My slave is having a hard time and nothing but because of evil Me, when I see your teary eyes, your shivering body of pain but still brave to do things for Me and only for My pleasure and loyalty for Me.

I went to My dressing room to change, you are outside ready always and on your knees. I call on to you My lovely one, come here My slut clean My feet make it dry from soles to soles from toes to toes, you are a very lovely faggot willingly doing it without hesitation, that is your big and good reward from Me to lick Me dry, to clean Me dry, every time you sneakingly looking up high to My pussy, I just shock you by a number of 50 high intensity of shock, you gotta remember the highest is 127 so be good 😉

I make sure you put My panty on through only using your mouth, hands at the back bitch! your mouth slowly grabbing My panty through your lips and not your teeth so you won’t damage My lovely exquisite panty that you bought of course, hahaha! you slowly pulling it up and high through My calf, My legs, then My thigh to My ass and of course close your eyes when it is in the very divine pussy of Mine, with a little blink then the shock is waiting…you didn’t dare to look My smooth divine pussy, you only savor it, smell it and feel it, wishing you will be licking it soon and hopefully soon hahaha!!!

Mistress Charlyn